Melika Monjazi

Computer engineer turned artist

As a child I was so passionate about painting, that all the walls of our house were covered by my drawings so my parents sent me to art lessons at a very young age.

I had the privilege to live and study in 3 different countries, and 4 different cities.

I finished  my  primary  and a  part  of my    high   school  in    the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents in Iran where I won the first prize for website design  at the school network in the whole country. 

 I earned my bachelor degree with diploma with honors in Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Ukraine.  I studied Master of Advanced Information technology in “Dunarea de jos” University of Galati, in the same city where I finished painting courses in “Dunarea de jos” Art school. 

I had the honor to participate in many group exhibitions in Galati, and even winning the honorable mention price in “Nicolae Mantu Visual Art National competition – X Edition”. I’m also so proud that I could be a part of Artfirst interesting project and participate in their first exhibition in Bucharest.

Finally what I can say is that I found my way back to my artistic roots. Today I proudly call myself a painter and a muralist and I look forward to create more artworks and share them with the world.
I dare you to fight for your place in this world and know that it's never too late to chase your dreams no matter what!

Peace and Love X Mel