Our latest project is about a sport/nutrition club, where I was already a member for almost 2 years. It was a fun project and a long run, we were almost involved in every step.

Each project is like a baby of mine and I’m just excited to write about it. It’s crazy to see how things evolve, how sketches becomes reality… 

This is a whole project from logo and website design and development to interior design. 

This is going to be a long explanation, because I really can’t help it not to share each and every detail.

I really hope that you enjoy looking at all our good memories and all the efforts and passion we had put in this project. 

The first and the second meeting

Mario @ fitclub
Our second meeting! this place looks like a art museum!!!
Visiting FitClub with Mario
My little helper at our first meeting
First meeting at client's place
First meeting at client's place
Fitclub under construction!
Opera de Arta!
Fitclub under construction!
Fitclub under construction!
Fitclub with the client
Discussing the details!
Fitclub under construction!
Bye until we meet again!

I’m going to explain each part individually with more pictures and less writings.

The chalk wall

The idea of the chalk wall came from Antonio and owner of Fitclub Pipera, and now this is  a trend and what we do for all new fitclubs, you can see what we done for Fitclub Factory in the next sliders, and hopefully soon after the Quarantine and Covid-19 you are going to see another chalk wall in Fitclub Promenada. 

Melika Monjazi and her chalk wall
Melika Monjazi, chalk wall

This is one job that I never get tired of!

We plan, sketch and calculate everything, and every time I try to create something different even if the subject remains the same. 

I’m adding a lot of pictures in the slides, but I really can’t help it! I hope that you enjoy looking at them ,from 3d rending by 161Studio, to the final result! 

1.61 STUDIO 3D Rending

Graphic design and personalized wall stickers

Website Design and Development

Feels free to check the responsive website we designed and developed for Fitclub factory.

Instagrammable wall

Melika Monjazi discussing the details with clients
Melika Monjazi discussing the final details and decisions about the instagrammble wall with the client
Melika Monjazi, Liliana Stoleru & little Mario
Melika Monjazi, Liliana Stoleru & little Mario
Instagrammable wall of fitclub factory

Before starting to paint the instagrammable wall, I double check all the details and the final plan with the owner club, he is extremely minimalist, so what I need to do is make things simple and interesting at the same time. 

Isn’t there anything more sweet and satisfying than a great harmony between each aspect of your business?