Giving birth and being a mom never stopped me to go after my dreams

Melika Monjazi and her new born at 1.61 Studio

Have you ever been struggling to deal with being a mom and work at the same time? Today was an usual morning like every other morning that I forced myself to get out of bed before my 2 years old son and my husband wake up, that’s my golden hour where I can work or learn without anyone bothering me.

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it’s may 9th and we are still in home quarantine because of Corona virus. I’m using this time to educate myself as much as possible. Being stuck with a baby is not something new for me, but being stuck at home with a baby is a new challenge. If you’re someone who works from home, I bet that you have experienced sitting on your computer while your baby is sitting on your head, stealing your pen and papers, touch your keyboard, use your mouse as his imaginary phone.

Yesterday I saw an advertise. post on Facebook, a 7 days trial of Brendon Burchard’s course “Thought leader roadmap” for just 1$ (the normal price o is 500$). 

Surprisingly since I bought the 1$ course, I can’t stop watching it and taking notes about it. May I’m so excited because I know that my time is limited and the subjects he’s talking about is what I’ve been looking for as long as I know, and there are also things that I already know about them but I never knew where to start, I like that he challenges you, he guides you to push yourself and start.

I believe in the Universe and its power, I believe in the law of attraction but I try not to force it, I believe that “YOU YOU BELIEVE IN SOMETHING, IT WILL FIND ITS WAY TO YOU WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT”.

This is my start, I’m not waiting anymore to find that perfect story to share, or to be perfect in English grammar, I needed a sign and I got it this morning! If I can inspire just one single person today, that would be enough for me!

I was watching this part about those stories that relate you to your audience’s struggle and suddenly a notification pop up on my phone: google photos, memories from may 9th 2018! Exact the same day, 2 years ago! I see a first time mom with a new born who tries not to lose herself and her dreams to motherhood. 

I was at the beginning of my success when I found out that I’m pregnant, I was so upset at the beginning, I felt like all the doors are going to be closed at me. I was 30 years old but not ready at all to be a mom yet, we’ve just moved to a new city and I’ve been trying to adopt myself with the new life in Capital, and find my place in the community! I tried to keep myself active during the pregnancy, I’ve been driving until the last week of it, (and I drove my new born and myself to the hospital just 10 days after I gave birth trough c-section – I still remember that snowy day). 

During the pregnancy I’ve been highly active thanks to Hal Elrod’s book’s “The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)”.!

I would meditate, read, exercise, doing affirmation and also made a daily plan! I would wake up at 5 am and it helped me to achieve a lot.

You need to set that kind of  goals that are so important to you like the air you breath, like the water you drink! I’m talking about that specific goal that makes you want to jump out of bed even if you slept just 4 hours or not at all! No one is ever going to hand you anything, your need to sacrifice and achieve what you deserve all by yourself! It doesn’t matter how many times you try and fail, tomorrow is a new day, and a new beginning, try again and it doesn’t matter if you fail another 100 times, wake up, get out of bed and try again until you finally succeed! 

Giving birth never stopped me to go after my dreams, even tough I didn’t have any kind of help! Even tough I didn’t have much support! It encouraged and challenged me to prove to myself and everyone else that I can achieve my goals and be successful and be a good caring mom at the same time! Today I believe that being pregnant and being a mom was the best thing that ever happened to me! If everything was OK, I would never dare to wake up early and drive around with a 10 days old baby, I would never knew that value of my time and my goals if I never had to stop my car in the middle of street to feed my baby, or sit in the back sit near him, sing for him, talk to him, soothe him, and repeat this process everyday, for 2 years!

If I could do it with a new born, then anyone in any kind of situation can do it.  Let’s look at the pictures of may 9th , that inspired me to share this story.

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